What is OpenAPS?

A soft, basic and visual explanation of diabetes and openAPS. Download here WID_OpenAPS And get started here

Biohacking @ medical museion

In an exhibition room at the Medical Museum in Copenhagen we helped install an open biology lab – a space for visitors to participate in experiments and pick up the know how to do it on their own. The lab includes a variety of tools that range from a gene gun (made by Rüdiger Trojok), […]

Analogic Bodies

A screening at Husets Biograf in Copenhagen exploring analogies we use to describe and know the body. Screening: A special hour of VJing body movies, Hemo the Magnificent and Fantastic Voyage. Time: 19:00-22:00 Date: Monday, October 13th 2014 Hosted by: Sara Krugman and Rosemary Lee at Husets Biograf Location: Husets Biograf, Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 København […]


Medical data is oddly impersonal considering its personal origins. How can people engage with, internalize and process medical data (or any data…) if it does not relate to them in a personalized way? How can the data be actionable or meaningful if we engage with it in binary contexts of numbers that are good or […]


Tidepool is a non-profit, open source effort here to catalyze a vibrant ecosystem of diabetes technology to give people with diabetes better tools, make it easier for doctors to deliver more effective therapy, for companies to innovate, and to give researchers easier access to diabetes data. See  


When you start a new medicine, you don’t always know what to ask. Curiocity is a service that brings relevant questions from online health communities to you, at a moment where you could use some support. When you go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, the pharmacist gives you a tailored list of […]

Aesthetics of Health Care Tech

This body of work is aesthetic research on the possibilities of health care technologies. It explores how the physicality and aesthetics of health care technology affect the emotional and psychological connection to intimate machines, and how that connection effects our ability to use them to assist us in self care. I have a relationship with my pump, […]

Blood Sugar Visualization

Using a twenty-four hour clock, each ring represents a day. Users are able to zoom in and out to see long and short term trends as well as control the range of blood glucose that they are aiming for. The colors of each reading represent low, good and high numbers. Mousing over individual readings display […]

Body Story

The importance of monitoring personal health is oftentimes overshadowed by the complexity of resources and tools involved. Body Story streamlines the process of health monitoring by enabling users to keep a record of their symptoms with simple inputs. The information is added through a tap on the outline of a human body. This allows users […]

Data Dance

“Not the ghost in the machine, but the body in the medium is the central dilemma of modern communications…” – John Durham Peters The World In a possible near future, where quantifying of the self is taken to its logical extreme, every person has their own “supermetric”. This is an informatic that encompasses every possible […]

Kowtowing Lamp

The Kowtowing Lamp is an exploration into products that have personality. As an object, it functions as both light source and a data visualization device. We decided not to specify the information displayed, imagining instead that people could map data sets of their choosing to the lamp’s behavior via an API. As for personality, we […]


“The street is the river of the city, the people come to these places not to escape, but to partake in it.” William H. Whyte The sitymeter draws attention to the success of the bridge as a great public space. It celebrates the wonderful synergy that happens between the structure of the city, the history […]


An iPhone app for urine test strip analysis. Piddle guides you through the proccess, takes, and tracks the test results. It explains the meaning of each result and shows how your values fall within normal ranges. The results are stored and can be shared with your doctor.                 […]

Apocalypse Kit

Apocalypse kit, I call it, but really it is a survival bag, in case I needed to run. I have type I diabetes, I live in New York City, if there were any kind of emergency where I couldn’t access a pharmacy or a doctor or the mail stopped working, public transit was stopped, or […]

The Gio

The Gio is a small, sleek one-handed blood glucose meter designed to make testing fast, natural and instinctive. It combines a lancing mechanism with a unique 12-test integrated lancet and test strip drum. At work, on the street, on the train, while exercising, even while walking fast to a late appointment, the Gio makes frequent testing easy […]

Danish Rye Bread Elements

The Table of Danish Rye Bread Elements is a close look at Danish rye bread. What is it made of? How healthy is it? Why is it so heavy? There were so many questions about the dense Danish rugbrød, so it was time to investigate. Three different loaves of rye bread were dissected by hand and […]

The Solid Fugue

Our collections of music are housed in a hard drive or online, no longer on a shelf or in our spaces. They have no body, no form. Without a physical form the digital collection can only be explored systematically. Rather than unique and personal organization that we do in our shelves, the digital music collection […]

Thought Drop

Thought Drop is an in-car communication service concept that enables people to drop off and pick up location based messages and reminders. Using in-car GPS services or a mobile phone application, drivers can leave, send and pickup location-based thoughts and reminders for themselves and their friends. The system can also be expanded to avail location-based […]