I am a designer working to change the way medical devices, data and health care services are delivered. I am particularly interested in how design for behavior can impact the relationships we have with technologies. I have moved through research, art and design to affect the experiences of diabetes care. In my next life I would like to be a doctor.

I care about light, air, food, living and non-living things. I love to hike, bike, run and I wish I could be more relaxed when I swim. I prefer lakes over oceans. I care very much about the space I work and live in and thrive off interacting with a variety of kinds or thinkers, makers and shakers. I am resilient and curious.

I hail from Boston, traveled for a year in Mexico and New Zealand, then Oberlin Ohio for 4 years at Oberlin College, then New York City for 2, then Copenhagen for school at the Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design and now in San Francisco with travels to Boston, Maine and Copenhagen.