Aesthetics of Health Care Technology

My pancreas, is small and black, rectangular, compact, and outside of my body. Could it be any more foreign? At least we speak a similar language, at least I am technology friendly and it hasn’t been hard to understand what my pumps functions are.

I have a relationship with my pump, I wear it about 23 hours a day. It is connected to me, to my body, to my flesh. If you pull it, or the little twenty-three inch tube gets caught, I come with it, uncomfortably. After thousands of years of development, my body does not have any shelf space for this machine. When I am dressed, I clip it to my pants. When I am naked, when I change clothes, when I shower, there is nothing to clip the machine to. Sometimes I hold it in my mouth, or in between my legs, sometimes I rest it on my bed and am careful not to move much to far from it. I have thought about sewing a button, a piece of Velcro, a small pouch to the side of stomach. When I was young I dreamed of a small closet, in my abdomen that would carry my kit of insulin.


Cast of 100 pumps thrown against the wall onto a black sheet


Whats it look like in there? How does it work?


What if we designed the insulin pump without physical or technological limitations? What shape could it be? How might it feel more organic, like me?

  • Date : Oct 2010
  • Shown at : Maker Faire NYC and the Flux Factory