Analogic Bodies

A screening and talk at Husets Biograf exploring analogies we use to describe and know the body.


A special hour of VJing body movies, Hemo the Magnificent and Fantastic Voyage.

It is extreme how intimate we are with the insides of our body but have little idea of what it looks like in there. Analogic Bodies will be an evening of film examining how cinematic devices allow us to envision and understand our bodies in a different way. Is it squishy or tightly packed? Am I a sack or a sausage? Shouldn’t we know the insides of our bodies like a bricklayer knows his wall? While the analogy helps to explain bodily processes we can’t see, it may also oversimplify their complexity. Through a selection of films we will explore how analogies about the body illuminate our relationship to our corporeality.

  • Date : October 13th 2014
  • Collaborators : Rosemary Lee

Supported by: Husets Biograf