Apocalypse Kit

Apocalypse kit, I call it, but really it is a survival bag, in case I needed to run.

From top left: pocket knife, cashews, chia sees, tweezers, pen, two pencils, sharpie, notebook, insets for pump, glucose tabs, alcohol wipes, insulation pack for insulin, AAA batteries for blood glucose monitor, AA Lithium batteries for insulin pump, glucagon kit, pump cartridges, hat, boots, bag to put everything in, ketone strips, levoxyl for low thyroid, mason jar, blood glucose monitor, finger prick needles, blood sugar test strips, rag, raisins, strike anywhere matches, keeper, healing ointment, syringes, full body jumpsuit, long underwear, two pairs of socks, long acting insulin, short acting insulin, hydrogen peroxide.


I have type 1 diabetes, I live(ed) in New York City, if there were any kind of emergency where I couldn’t access a pharmacy or a doctor or the mail stopped working, public transit was stopped, or something larger happened, I would need supplies that would not be available easily, especially if there was some kind of shortage.

I don’t know what might happen, but whatever it might be – I want to be prepared, at least a little bit. I have enough diabetic supplies for about three months. Three months is the time I decided I would like to live if something terrible happened, also the amount of supplies that would be reasonable to carry in a back pack, and these are the things I could think of that I would want to have.

  • Date : March 2012
  • Collaborators : Zubin Pastakia
  • Context : Performative Design Workshop at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

Taught by : David Gauthier and Di Mainstone