Biohacking : Do it Yourself!

Medical Museion / University of Copenhagen / Studio Lab / Labitat


In an exhibition room at the Medical Museum in Copenhagen we installed and facilitated an open biology lab – a space for visitors to participate in experiments and pick up the know how to do it on their own. The lab includes a variety of tools that range from a gene gun (made by Rüdiger Trojok), an open PCR machine, instructions for how to make your own rye bread and yogurt, to a home made stirrer. Following the exhibition there are a series of public events visitors where able to take part, to get material and experiential insight into synthetic biology. The exhibition grounds an informal discussion about the origins, principles, and ethics of synthetic and open biology.

In the pioneering spirit of open-science, hacking, and punk aesthetics, this shifts the material process of laboratory protocols – and the creativity of experimental design – out of dominant research institutions such as universities and large corporations and into publicly accessible spaces.

Supported by: Studio Lab, Unik Center for Synthetic Biology and Medical Museion