Calmark SE

User Experience Designer

Project Overview

Calmark develops a point-of-care diagnostic instrument that measures biomarkers for medical conditions for newborns. They had an early version of their current product that reads blood levels for newborns to reduce the waiting time for lab results. The application we created guided the user - a nurse in a remote location - step by step through the testing process. At the time of the project - the phones camera was the tool used for determining the results through colorimetry.

During the time of this project, 2014, the company's instrument consisted of a disposable plastic card where 1 drop of blood was applied. The card then needed to be turned back and forth to create an even reaction with the reagent in the chip. The card would then be placed under a phone. The phone would read the color and translate it to relevant markers such as Bilirubin, LDH and Glucose.

  • Date : 2014
  • Collaborators : Ian Jorgensen at Line Healthcare Design Studio
  • Website :