Experience Design For Health

D-Data Fall 2016 In San Francisco

"An absolutely outstanding design thinking workshop led by Sara Krugman and Caroline Arvidsson. They shared three key takeaways for health care design : it’s hard to pinpoint design problems in something you’re highly familiar with; the most mundane, everyday things need design improvements, but often require watching someone actually use the product; and (iii) delightful, fun experiences can make a big difference." 
- Brian Levine, Close Concerns' review

Workshop participant faking a finger cut to conduct a usability interview on bandaids.

For an intense 1,5 hours, the participants worked in pairs and in teams, deep-diving into alternatively being the user themselves - and empathising with the user on the other side of a product or service.

 Interface exercise where participants were asked to analyze various kinds of interfaces, imagining the person using it; their context, characteristics and goal. ‍

Our main goal with the workshop was to introduce design tools from our toolbox as people-centred designers, and show that everyone can be inspired by them in their work, providing more value to the end user as well as the working process.