iLet Bionic Pancreas Interface


“I trusted it, after I learned it. It had to learn me, but I had to learn it.”


The iLet is a bi-hormonal automated pump for people with diabetes. It is the first of its kind, it changes the paradigm of care for diabetes. It uses insulin and glucagon in connection with a continuous glucose sensor to determine how much delivery of either drug is needed to keep the users blood glucose in a safe range.


Be transparent

Show cause and effect. Use will be better if the why is understood. 

Design for Safety

Safety means intentional entry, customizable alarms and plain language. 


Take away as much interaction as possible without compromising safety. 

Be Respectful

People with diabetes are smart, they are experts in their own care.


The interface can be found in it's entirety here on Github. 

Conceptual architecture that guided the interface design.


From left to right : Device status, Lock screen (showing glanceable device and BG status, and child lock), Home screen and Glucagon entry screen.

  • Date : 2018 - Present
  • Partners, Clients, Funders: Stanford University and The Helmsley Trust
  • Team : Brian Hoffer, Korey Hood, Sierra Nelmes, Alex, Grace, Laurel, Aly, Upshift, Kelsey, Justus