Kai All in One Blood Glucose Meter

Product Design and Strategy


People with diabetes need to measure their blood sugar multiple times a day, current solutions require about 40 steps to completing the task and require a table and two hands to complete it. We wanted to solve that problem in a way that would be focused on design and ease of use rather than creating new technologies. We used already existing FDA approved parts so that it could be cheaper and easier to bring to market.


Forever frustrated by the multiple parts and many pieces required to test your blood sugar - a task required anywhere from 3-20 times a day - there is no convenient all in on blood glucose meter. This meter fits in your pocket, it durable and would be cheap. With a team of engineers and industrial designers - I lead us towards a product that met the needs of the user and the industry. I prototyped, tested and designed an app to accompany the meter.


  • Date : Nov 2011 - Nov 2014
  • Colleagues/collaborators : Ian Jorgensen, Mads Ring, Marcello Villa Real
  • Website : Linehq.com

Description : I left Line to join Tidepool full time and in-person. Line is still in operation, based in Copenhagen Denmark and being run by Ian Jorgensen.