Kids and Carbs

Dr. Joyce Lee, HealthDesignByUs at the University of Michigan

This workshop was with a group of 10 pre-teens and kids and Dr. Joyce Lee. We led a co-creation session for making tools that diabetes educators could use with newly diagnosed kids to teach carbohydrates, insulin and blood sugar relationship.

The insights gathered from working with this group highlighted various ways of learning and understanding the complex relationship between carbohydrates, insulin and blood sugar. The different themes we saw were; visualization, mechanical, narrative, spacial, games and instructional.

This prototype visualizes "High blood sugar (not enough insulin to cover the carbs)", "Enough insulin to cover the carbs" and "Low Blood sugar (too much insulin to cover the carbs)". We categorized the method the participant used to communication as a Visualization.

This prototype is instructional, showing a piece of cheese = 0 carbs. The information is communicated like a dictionary or handbook.

This prototype physically and mechanically represents how carbohydrates (lego blocks), Insulin (the yellow sponge), and blood sugar (water in a bottle) interact with each other.