Line Health Care Design Studio



Line was started in 2013 by Ian Jorgensen and myself with the mission to integrate our experience and skills in health care technology with the empathy of design thinking. We set out to improve the user experience of diabetes data and experiences through studio projects and consulted for companies that were aligned with the same vision.

Line was founded with the studio at it's heart - with a passion for making diabetes devices and data more usable and everyday. We designed and built an all in one blood glucose meter and an app to visualize and share the data in a meaningful way. We consulted for Diacon Research Group to help them conduct research studies using artifical pancreas systems. We worked with Calmark to build an app for diagnostic colormetric testing for hospitals in rural locations. We met Tidepool and Beta Bionics whose missions were closely aligned with ours and moved to completely to focusing on Tidepool and Beta Bionics projects.



People with diabetes need to measure their blood sugar multiple times a day, current solutions require about 40 steps to completing the task and require a table and two hands to complete it. We wanted to solve that problem in a way that would be focused on design and ease of use rather than creating new technologies. We used already existing FDA approved parts so that it could be cheaper and easier to bring to market.

Prototyping process


Piddle is an iPhone app for urine test strip analysis. Using urine test strips can be hard, even for a professional. It requires focus, good timing, handling many things at the same time, but more importantly, the ability to accurately compare colors. Piddle guides you through the process, takes, and tracks the test results. It explains the meaning of each result and shows how your values fall within normal ranges. The results are stored and can be shared with your doctor. Collaborators on the project were Hideaki Matsui, Kat Zorina, Marcin Ignac, and Pau Ramon.


We worked with a company based in Sweden called Calmark to design and develop an app for point of care biomarker tests for newborns. The app instructed nurses in rural locations without higher tech diagnostic machines how to use the lab in a chip and provided results based off of reading the color in the chip.


We prototyped new visualizations and value propositions to test with potential users. See all the projects at Tidepool Labs.

  • Date : Nov 2011 - Nov 2014
  • Colleagues/collaborators : Ian Jorgensen, Mads Ring, Marcello Villa Real
  • Website :

Description : I left Line to join Tidepool full time and in-person. Line is still in operation, based in Copenhagen Denmark and being run by Ian Jorgensen.