Line Health Care Design Studio



Line was started in 2013 by Ian Jorgensen and myself with the mission to integrate our experience and skills in health care technology with the empathy of design thinking.

We set out to improve the user experience of diabetes data and experiences through studio projects and consulted for companies that were aligned with the same vision.

We consulted for Diacon Research Group to help them conduct research studies using artificial pancreas systems. We worked with Calmark to build an app for diagnostic colorimetric testing for hospitals in rural locations. We met Tidepool and Beta Bionics whose missions were closely aligned with ours and moved to completely to focusing on Tidepool and Beta Bionics projects.


  • Date : Nov 2011 - Nov 2014
  • Colleagues/collaborators : Ian Jorgensen, Mads Ring, Marcello Villa Real
  • Website :

Description : LineĀ is still in operation, based in Copenhagen Denmark and being run by Ian Jorgensen.