Designer. A simple, personal, home urine test.


Current solutions depend on expensive laboratory equipment or on the users ability to estimate color and keep track of time. Therefore there is limited ability to track results, share data and contextualize the results.


Piddle is all you need to take and track urinalysis results. It is a urine dipstick with an embedded color code and a smartphone app that guides the user through the test and uses the camera to provide quantitative results. Urinalysis is the cheapest and most ubiquitous form of diagnostic test used globally.

Piddle guides you through the process, takes, and tracks the test results. It explains the meaning of each result and shows how your values fall within normal ranges. The results are stored and can be shared with your doctor. 

Market Analysis

An estimated 225 million urinalyses are performed in the United States each year. The urine chemistry market is estimated to be $500 million per year.

Urinalysis is a routine test for prenatal care - there are 4.5 million pregnant women per year in the US. Over 40% of pregnant women have UTI’s with 80% recurrence rates. Up to 10% pregnant women get gestational diabetes, and in 2 – 8% of pregnancies worldwide women develop preeclampsia. This the leading cause of prenatal mortality and morbidity.

  • Date : 2011
  • Collaborators : Ian Jorgensen, Kat Zorina, Hideaki Matsui, Marcin Ignac, Pau Ramon
  • Website :