Tidepool User research

Head of Design : Formative and Ongoing Design Research


Tidepool is a non-profit with a mission of making life with diabetes easier through better software.

In order to design useful things, you have to do it with the people who want to use the thing you are making. Despite being a user myself, a broader range of user research and continual user feedback was critical to making it work for more than just myself.


We employed design research methods such as card sorting, prototyping and in-person interviews to understand our users mental models of diabetes data.


I led the design of the visual language and grammar of Tidepools' apps. In collaboration with Tidepool's front-end engineer and product team, we designed our data visualization to represent food data, different types of insulin, exercise, user entered notes and blood glucose data.


I lead multiple focus groups, brainstorming sessions and charettes with members of the diabetes community.

I sat like a fly in the corner of the room during family visit to the diabetes doctor.

I ran brainstorming and co-creation sessions with individuals and groups of 20 people.