Tidepool is a non-profit with a mission of making life with diabetes easier through better software. Tidepool has built an open source platform for diabetes data and an app to visualize and share the data. It is used by clinicians, researchers and people with diabetes.

I began working on Tidepool at it's inception. I led formative user research sessions across the diabetes community. In collaboration with Tidepool's CEO and Product Manager, I worked to build a product design process with a remote and agile development team. Over the past 4 years I have designed our web app, 2 mobile apps, Tidepool's website, and communication materials. My core areas of contribution are the user experience, user interface, design research and product strategy.


Diabetes not technology

We are experts in diabetes software. Use web standards and common interactions, don't create new ones.

Careteam Collaboration

Design for communication and collaboration. Diabetes is isolating enough, lets not reinforce that.

No judgement

Our job is to provide a clear and easy to use tool, not tell anyone what is good or bad. Our colors and language reflect this.

Progressive Disclosure

Meet people where they are. Allow those who want more to find it, but don't overwhelm those who want just a little.


Tidepool's applications are designed to facilitate care and communication around diabetes device data so that doctors and families have the information they need to make informed therapy decisions and behavior changes.

Tidepool's software is designed for people with who use insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors. It integrates data from many devices so it can be seen all in one place.


I led the design and production of the support materials for the software. Along with other paper materials, this included video tutorials and product videos.


I led the design of the visual language and grammar of Tidepools' apps and communication materials. I created the data visualization to represent food data, different types of insulin, exercise, user entered notes and blood glucose data.


I designed and organized formative research and usability testing for the apps and product direction.


Tidepool is supported by grant giving organizations, private donors and makes revenue from researchers and device companies. It is free to use for clinicians and people with diabetes.

I led customer interviews with the different users of Tidepool's software and helped to shape our product family to support the needs of researchers, clinicians and people with diabetes.

Howard Look, Tidepools CEO won the precision medicine award for Tidepool work from the White House and Former President Obama.