Tidepool Products

Head of Design : User Interface, User Experience & Product Strategy


Tidepool is a non-profit with a mission of making life with diabetes easier through better software.

There aren't any alternative options for people with diabetes to integrate data from devices made by different companies.

We set out to design an experience where the person whose data it is has control over it - is able to see it - add to it - and share it with whoever they choose.


The Tidepool app on the web is primarily used by families and doctors collaborating on diabetes care. It guides users through looking at trends in glucose, insulin and behavior to find actionable insights. It also provides simple and clear views of device settings.

  • Sharing with Careteam
  • Uploading from all insulin pumps, CGM's and some blood glucose meters
  • Clinical patient list
  • Comments and notes
  • Retrospective trends
  • Daily details
  • Goal setting


In 2014 I designed Blip Notes and Nutshell for iOS and Android. In 2016 the two apps were redesigned and developed as Tidepool Mobile. The apps integrate data from the Tidepool cloud, Apple Health (exercise and CGM), location and user entered notes.

Tidepool on mobile's purpose is to provide data on the go, when it is most useful. It relies on human nature and repeating habits of food and exercise to help people learn from what happened last time so they can make informed decisions next time.

Blip Notes was featured in Apple's top 10 diabetes apps. Its purpose was to provide the fastest way to enter contextual data to diabetes numbers because data without context is not useful.


Connecting the dots with the whole team is critical to efficiency of product design and implementation and what allows effective design work to be done.

Wireframing and prototyping the user flows is fun and interesting for me, organizing chaos is deeply satisfying. I love working within technical constraints to come to elegant user experiences. We prototyped as much as we had bandwidth for in tools like InVision and Framer.


I integrated Tidepools' brand identity and evolved our applications style and communication. This is an ever evolving and living resource for Tidepools' designers, developers, business development, product management and outbound communication team.


From insights gained through customer interviews I helped to shape our product family and material. I led the design and production of the support materials for the software - product videos, tutorials, the Tidepool website and paper materials.


Tidepools strategy at large is to help an ecosystem of application flourish for diabetes data. It was founded as a non-profit in order to bridge the gaps between industry and experience silos. 

I began working on Tidepool at it's start. I worked to build a product design process In collaboration with Tidepool's CEO and VP, that integrated user research, customer needs, metrics and mission goals. I lead multiple need finding and product discovery projects - about clinician adoption, industry needs, FDA requirements and consumer usage patterns.

Tidepool was recognized by The White House and Obama under the Precision Medicine Initiative.